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Production Management of Lukas Graham

Client DALI's CEO Lars Worre presenting the new DALI OPTICON speaker range from the basement studio at the prestigious The Hospital Club.

I was brought in as head of sound while working at John Henrys. The event was extremely complicated with multiple rooms in the building transmitting live to countries around the world. This was Lukas Graham's first UK gig prior to his smash hits, and the event was much about good quality music as loudspeakers, with live concerts with Lukas Graham, JJ Rosa and Basix.

The System comprised of two DiGiCo fully expanded SD10 boards with 64 way split line system, with transformer balanced output for broadcast. The PA system was an EAW720 Line Array with SLAM subs. Monitors were EV but mostly done on IEMs. With 20 channels of Radio in a central London location this was all managed by wireless workbench.

The event went extremely smoothly.

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